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 About KST



 Management Philosophy


In 1973, with only a capital of 3,000 Ntd, three brothers founded K.S. TERMINALS INC. (abbreviated as KST) under the original name K.S. INDUSTRY CO. in a small family factory spanning less than 20 square meters. In the beginning, KST focused on OEM business, but due to the aftermath of the 1973 Oil Crisis and domestic inflation, the start-up soon underwent tremendous hardships. Despite this, the founders never gave up and upheld their philosophy of “Integrity First and Quality First," to overcome all challenges and economic crisis. Today, KST has achieved brand awareness, establishing themselves as a leading position in the terminal and connector industry. 

Looking over the past 40 years of development, K.S. TERMINALS started out as an OEM for electrical terminals and eventually branched out into lighting systems, communication components, automotive connectors, green energy connectors, wiring accessories and necessary equipments.

Maintaining the management philosophy of “Integrity, Solidarity, Quality, Research and Development, and Active Motivation," KST continued to expand product line and increase sales and revenue. Through strict quality control, standardized procedure, robotized manufacturing process, and fast automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), KST aims to provide the best quality, fastest delivery, and most satisfactory service for global customers. 

Looking into the future, KST continued to invest in research and development in order to develop innovative products and process technology. In addition, KST actively expanded the terminal and connector products in new energy sources, electric vehicles, rail transportation, network communication, and other industries. Through professional process technology and engineering services of design solutions and customized modules, KST aims to speed up the processes of innovation and market expansion in order to be a world-renowned brand amongst precision connector manufacturers and a preferred partner by all customers around the world.


Smarter. Greener. Together.
At KST, we commit ourselves to the advancement of power and electronics technology to provide “smarter” products with high efficiency. It helps us make possible a “greener” and more environment-friendly way of life. We collaborate with our partners, by listening to their needs, and accomplishing our mission “together”.


  Product Application

        Our Advantage
    Professional Research and Development; advanced manufacturing technology

KST is committed to the research and development of new products and automation. To strengthen the design, simulation, and analysis abilities for products, die, and jig equipment, KST applies not only engineering drawing software such as AUTOCAD, Pro-Engineer, Uni-Graphic, ABAQUAS, etc., but also CAD/CAM and other computer-aided design systems. Furthermore, KST introduces the PLM system to shorten product development cycle and to increase the management efficiency of engineering data.

    Strict quality management system

Whether the assessment of suppliers and purchasing of raw materials or the manufacturing process and product delivery, KST has established a solid quality system from supplier audit, IQC, IPQC to FQC. The system also launches the design analysis software, and SPC System in order to provide stricter quality control. In addition, KST has acquired ISO 17025 certification and UL qualified independent testing laboratory qualification. Therefore, the laboratory can provide accurate testing reports in the shortest time to fulfill the product verification, reliability test, failure analysis, and other testing requirements from customers.

    Perfect Management System and Product Certification

KST has acquired ISO 9001, ISO14001, QC 080000, JIS, TS16949, ISO17025, and other international certifications to cover the corporate governance, factory operation, quality assurance system, and product certification. To provide the most reliable products and services, each series of products has passed the main certifications of UL, CUL, CE, TUV, DNV, ABS, CQC, RoHS, and the third-party certification system.

    Excellent One-Stop Service

KST supports more than 20,000 products, including terminals, connectors, wiring accessories, crimping tools and devices, and so on. They can fulfill the requirements of various industries such as electronic machine, power supply, network and communication, transportation, appliance and air control, vehicle, medical instruments, etc.


  Factory Overview


        Factory Process - Terminals and Connectors

K.S. TERMINALS is equipped with high-speed punching machines for better production efficiency and uses high-rigidity molds to extend the life cycle of stamping dies. Moreover, KST employs CCD automatic inspection systems for real-time continuous monitoring of the dimensions and cosmetics during manufacturing process.  

At K.S. TERMINALS, we possess all kinds of equipments for plastic products, including injection molding, extrusion molding, insert injection molding, and micro-injection molding, along with the capabilities to design, develop, and process the dies for injection molding.  

KST automation team aims at developing a variety of automatic equipments for mass production or customization, including automatic detection, auto feeding, automatic packaging, automatic assembly, as well as automatic cutting and processing, along with other manufacturing processes. Our automatic equipments can assist or replace automation devices to increase productivity and reduce the load of labors, and furthermore they can avoid man-made errors and reduce product’s defect rate and loss rate. 


Factory Process - Terminals and Connectors

               Assembly Production Line

There are more than 300 machines in the factory to assemble various types of terminals and connectors. These assembly machines developed by our automation team are quick to boot-up, easy to maintain, and have high flexibility in usage. They can be integrated to practice complex operations, including positioning, ordering, inserting, expanding, forming, rubberizing, heat-shrinking, printing, cutting, counting, packing, dimension inspecting, and error checking, etc. KST can achieve hi-mix low-volume manufacturing model and guarantee prompt delivery of urgent orders through:

-integration of human machines in automatic assembly lines,

-automatic storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for materials feeding,

-optimization of pick-pack process of finished goods.

                  Factory Process - Cable Ties

KST cable tie factory adapts high speed injection machines from Japan and Europe. We develop precise molds, and imports plastic resins from world-class manufacturers to produce high-quality cable ties for customers. The factory also introduces bundling mesh structure into cable tie products for better tensile strength. The innovative design has been patented in Taiwan and China. In addition, after a 2-year verification of materials and manufacturing processes, KST has developed the low-temperature cable tie series for severe environments. In current market, it is the only bundling tie products that adapt PA66 materials, fulfills UL 62275 standards of drawing force, and passes the test of 20℃ degree installation and -40℃ operating. 

Research — KST cable tie factory has an independent research team and a well-equipped laboratory that support integrated capabilities for material analysis, product design, mold design, die process, and quality verification. 

Material — All cable tie products adapt 100% PA66 resin imported from well-known manufacturers along with high speed injection machines and precise molds to ensure the stability and quality of products. 

Manufacturing Process — KST cable tie factory has achieved a high degree of automation. The one-stop automatic production covers the raw material supply from central tanks, injection molding, sprue cutting, CCD inspection, water injection, and final packaging.


  Quality Assurance

                    Quality Assurance Laboratory

Strict quality control is always a basic belief of KST. KST values quality and customers’ needs so strict examinations are applied at every level of production from raw material purchasing to product delivery. Our quality system has passed ISO9001, ISO/TS 16949, and other international certifications. In addition, all product series have passed related quality certifications and safety regulations of each country, such as UL, C-UL, CE, CSA, DNV, ABS, CQC, CNS, and so on. 

The Quality Assurance Laboratory has advanced inspection instruments to practice complete, precise tests for product development, mass production, and customers’ needs. The KST Quality Assurance Laboratory is ISO 17025 certified and is a UL independent testing lab. It can provide fair, accurate, and professional product verification and failure analysis services for factories and all customers.

In addition, KST also promotes QCC (Quality Control Circle) activities to enhance the quality system. We believe that only continuous improvements can increase the value and competitiveness of our products.

                      Research & Development

Research, development, and innovation are the driving forces behind the sustainable growth of KST. The research and development department is in charge of planning and implementation of the company’s mid-term and long-term product development strategies. The scope includes:

-research and development of new products,

-introduction of new manufacturing process technology or equipments,

-research of new materials application,

-nurture and training for R&D engineers. 

KST also applies AUTOCAD, ProE, Uni-Graphic, ABAQUAS, other engineering drawing/analysis software, and CAD/CAM computer-aided design system to strengthen the design, simulation, and analysis abilities for products, dies, and jigs. Moreover, KST also introduces PLM engineering management system to shorten the product development cycle and to enhance the management efficiency of technical data.

With over 40-year experience in product development and mold design, KST carries 20,000 kinds of products and more than 4,000 sets of molds. KST is capable of product development and mold processing, which can provide independent engineering services or design in coordination with customers.

On the basis of the original product lines such as terminals, connectors, and cable tie series, KST has extended the product lines to wider fields, including solar joint boxes, charge guns of electric vehicles, stainless steel ties, heat-shrink tubes and crimping tools, handheld devices, and more.

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